Zahnarzt Dr. Fuchs


Started study of medicine at the Medical Faculty
of the University of Vienna, Austria

Study of dentistry at the Ludwig Maximilian University,
Munich, Germany

Licensed as a dentist in 1986

Scientific work at the Ludwig Maximilian University,
Munich, Surgical Department and Polyclinic -
Inner City Polyclinic for Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology

Conferred degree as Doctor of Medical Dentistry (Dr. med. dent.) by the
Chair of Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, in 1988

Assistant dentist in different dental practices in the greater Munich area

1989 Employment with University Professor Krygier at his
private practice specializing in periodontology in Paris
1990 Established The Dental Clinic Leopoldstrasse 25

Numerous continuing dental education courses, with Prof. Gutowski,
Prof. Dragoo, Prof. Shillingburg, Prof. Bichacho, Prof. Nevins,
and many more.

1997 Postgraduate fellowship at Harvard School of
Dental Medicine, Boston, MA, USA
Departement of Prosthodontics, Prof. Weber
Departement of Restaurative Dentistry, Dr. Ferguson
2008 The American Society for Clinical Research, Berlin

Numerous continuing dental education courses and study fellowships
in Germany and abroad. Member of various national
and international scientific and professional societies

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